Helping the Next Generation of Republican Leaders Win Local Elections Will Be Focus of New Super PAC

SolutionsNJ PAC to kick-off with a free statewide networking reception
following next month’s June primary election

For Immediate Release

Jackson, May 6, 2016 – In an effort to identify and elect the next generation of Republican leaders throughout New Jersey, a new organization called “SolutionsNJ” has been formed and will host its kick-off event with a statewide networking reception on Thursday, June 16 at the Bell Works Complex in Holmdel, Monmouth County.

“Our organization is committed to electing common sense conservative candidates at the local level who will become the next generation of Republican leaders throughout the state,” said founders Chris Russell and Rick Rosenberg, Jr. “Our goal is growing the Republican Party for the long-term by supporting candidates that share our commitment to implementing policies that stress economic opportunity, individual freedom, educational empowerment and fiscal responsibility.”

The host committee, which is still in formation, for the networking reception is comprised of rising Republicans from around the state who are committed to growing the party and demonstrating how Republican ideas and policies can make their communities and the state a better place. The event is free and anyone interested in attending can sign-up @

“Beyond electing exceptional candidates to office who we are hopeful will step forward and make their own mark, SolutionsNJ intends to have a public voice on issues affecting the state and its taxpayers in the weeks, months and years to come,” added Russell and Rosenberg.

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